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Shunyata Research was proud to announce the complete line of ΞTRON α SERIES power cords at this year's Las Vegas CES Show.

The ΞTRON α SERIES power cords represent a new concept in power cord design. They are each specifically tuned to reduce power line noise emitted by the three different categories of power supplies: digital component (switching power supplies), analog components (linear power supplies) and very high current components like amplifiers. α SERIES cables are effectively miniature power conditioners dedicated to each specific system component.

The α SERIES power cords include the α DIGITAL (US$995), α ANALOG (US$995) and the α HC (US$1250). We released the α DIGITAL only a month ago and yet it has already garnered consumer and industry praise as one of the finest performing power cords that Caelin has ever produced.

ΞTRON α SERIES are available NOW and ready to ship. Arctic Audio already has the ΞTRON α Digital and the others will be here soon. Stop by our showroom to check them out!
<![CDATA[Sonus Faber Announces New Olympica Line (we have a pair!)]]>Fri, 01 Nov 2013 19:55:58 GMThttp://www.arcticaudio.com/blog/sonus-faber-announces-new-olympica-line-we-have-a-pair
Yesterday began the Munich hi end audio show, and Sonus Faber is introducing the all new Olympica series. Named for the architectural masterpiece, the Teatro Olimpico designed by Renaissance Italian architest Andrea Palladio. 

Below you can find a product announcement, detailing the details of the individual models, as well as the nature of the project and the massive engineering effort which has resulted in this incredibly exciting product line. 

You can also view excellent images of the Olympica I, II, and III models on Sonus Faber's website here. Arctic Audio in Fargo, ND is proud to have one of the first pairs of Olympica II's available. You can listen to them at our shop Monday-Saturday from 11am-6pm or schedule a private appointment at 701.298.2998

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<![CDATA[First Blog Post!]]>Fri, 02 Aug 2013 19:25:45 GMThttp://www.arcticaudio.com/blog/first-blog-postWelcome to Arctic Audio's new audiophile blog! We will post news and reviews about exciting new products and keep you updated with what we are doing around town. 

In case you haven't heard, we've moved! Our new, bigger store is located at 3045 Main Ave in Fargo, ND. With nearly twice the space of our 8th Street location we have tons of new equipment to demo. Stop by and pay us a visit!]]>